Great Christmas Gift Ideas under $500: Bertucci Mens A-4T Vintage Watch

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way! Yup, you know time is getting short when you start hearing that tune every 5 minutes. Were officially in the homestretch before everyone’s favorite holiday! Like most dudes, you’ve probably procrastinated on getting gifts for everyone, but instead of buying a bunch of smalls, you’re better off getting a few quality gifts that people will actually use. One such gift that’s great for a dad, brother, best friend, etc. is a quality wrist watch. Too cheap, you’ll look like a bum, too expensive, you’ll kick yourself on Dec 26th.

So, what’s the sweet spot on a price for a watch that you’re going to gift? We say between $400-$500. This way, other guys will respect it when they see it on whoever you give it to, your recipient will most definitely be thankful, and you can feel good for not cheaping out too. We’ve got a great suggestion. Check out the Bertucci Mens A-4T Vintage Watch. It ticks all the boxes (fashion, quality-make, price) and whoever gets it will think you know what you’re talking about when it comes to watches (we take donations too 😉 ). You can snag one for under $500 on as well as some other quality time pieces, check them out here:

Bertucci wrist watch