See the World at the End of a Snooker Cue!

snooker balls
It may be one of the more sedate sports in the world, but snooker offers both players and fans a chance to take a wild ride across the globe. Like all professional sports, snooker tournaments take place around the world and that means various locations are thrown into the spotlight. From the UK to Germany, Australia and beyond, the professional snooker tour visits a ton of fantastic resorts throughout the year. If you’re planning on jumping on the bandwagon, it’s handy to know some of the things you can do when the players take a break.

Of course, when you’re following the snooker trail the main aim is to watch as many frames as possible, but when there’s a lull in the action it’s great to head out and explore the local area. One of the best ways to stay on top of the latest developments in snooker and find out where the best players are heading next is to check out an online bookmaker’s monthly calendar. In order to offer odds on future matches, bookies need to know which players will be in action, so that means you get the most up-to-date information possible.

For example, let’s assume you’re a fan of Ronnie O’Sullivan and want to know where he is playing next. Checking out snooker calendars on sites such as betfair will give you access to all that information and allow you to plan a trip to a far-flung destination.

The China Open

Held annually in one of the world’s leading snooker nations, the China Open is traditionally held in Beijing which means there’s a wealth of extracurricular activities for you to indulge in outside of snooker. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the Shichahai lakes are great fun (especially when frozen in the winter) as are the hutong (narrow streets) neighbourhoods which are close by. However, for a real taste of Beijing away from the China Open, the Legation Quarter is a must. Alive with action at night, this area contains bars, restaurants and an art gallery to keep you entertained for hours.

The Indian Open

ancient buddhist caves in Indiad

A relatively new stop on the professional snooker circuit, the Indian Open takes place in Mumbai which, like Beijing, is a major tourist hotspot. Naturally, there are a hundred different things you can do in Mumbai, but if you really want to make the most of your time there while supporting your favourite snooker player, then the National Park is a must. Although it might not be on most people’s radar, the park contains a slew of ancient Buddhist caves. Hand carved into volcanic rocks, the caves offer a glimpse into India’s traditional past.

The World Snooker Championship

winter gardens sheffield
To follow the professional snooker circui   t and not take a trip to Sheffield in the UK would be a crime. Each year the finest players in the world descend on the Steel City for the sport’s most prestigious event. Although many would initially assume that Sheffield does not have much to offer other than a world class snooker event, the reality could not be further from the truth. Situated a few steps from the Crucible where the World Championship takes place is the Winter Gardens. Housed inside a giant glass structure (like the most impressive greenhouse ever built) are plants, flowers, fountains and sculptures. If you’re looking for somewhere to relax, then there is no better place in Sheffield.

The professional snooker tour does not simply offer fans of the sport a chance to see their favourites perform sublime shots. It is also a chance for travellers to see some of the best cities in the world. Beijing, Mumbai and Sheffield are just three destinations the plucky snooker fan can visit on an annual basis. To stay on top of the action, make sure you check out the latest snooker calendar for where you can go and the wonders you can see.