Top 4 Seattle Neighborhoods

Seattle is a popular city with things for everyone to do. If you’re travelling, plan to visit the best parts of the city and see the top attractions. Here are four suburbs and neighborhoods in and around Seattle that you might want to visit while you’re in the area.

Adventure With Family: See the Attractions in Pioneer Square

Image via Flickr by sarahstierch

Pioneer Square is a neighborhood bordering downtown Seattle. There are plenty of art galleries and coffee shops here, but this neighborhood is uniquely suited to families. If you’re adventuring with young kids, take them on an underground tour of Seattle, or visit the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park to learn more about the city’s history. When it’s lunch time, go to Occidental Square and let your kids pick from one of the food trucks.

Pioneer Square is a short drive from downtown and the Seattle waterfront. There you’ll find two exciting amusement park rides: the Seattle Great Wheel and Wings Over Washington. These provide fun for all ages, but kids in particular will love these attractions.

Shop, Dine, and Immerse Yourself in Culture: Visit Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is a residential neighborhood north of the downtown area known for its unique culture and vibrant nightlife. Popular shopping spots include Station 7 — which showcases art and jewelry — and Melrose Market, where you can pick up some flowers or a bottle of wine. Dine at Volunteer Park Cafe, a restaurant specializing in American comfort food, and pick up a warm cup of coffee at Honor Society Coffee to start your day.

While you’re in Capitol Hill, go to Volunteer Park for some fresh air. Climb the water tower to look out over the Seattle skyline, and stay after sunset for dancing at Century Ballroom.

Enjoy a Budget Vacation: Book Near Redmond

Budget travelers can easily enjoy a trip to Seattle if they stay in one of the surrounding areas. Two recommendations are Redmond and Bellevue.

Redmond is a lovely place to stay that’s near many shops and restaurants. Plus, since it’s removed from the bustle of the downtown area, you can find a better rate on a hotel. Redmond Town Center, a top attraction in Redmond, is a two-story outdoor shopping plaza with plenty of choices for restaurants, shopping, and hotels. You can also find affordable accommodations in Bellevue. This suburb of Seattle is on the banks of Lake Washington, offering gorgeous views and a quieter respite compared to a stay downtown.

Find Luxury: Relax on Mercer Island

Mercer Island, on Lake Washington between Seattle proper and Bellevue, is an excellent choice if you want a secluded, lavish vacation in proximity to Seattle’s best attractions. Here you can enjoy sailing on Lake Washington or a quiet morning at Clarke Beach Park. There are also several salons and spas, such as Premiere Nails & Spa and The Island Salon and Spa, if you need to rejuvenate after a full day of shopping and sightseeing.

Whether you’re traveling with family or want to treat yourself to the best indulgences in Seattle, you can find a neighborhood or suburb tailored to your needs. Visit one of these locations the next time you’re in the Pacific Northwest.