Best Road Trips In The USA This Spring!

There is nothing like a classic spring road trip. The arrival of this season emboldens you to break out from winter’s hibernation and fondle the fresh outdoors. And who wouldn’t want to embrace the nature as vibrant colored flowers begin to blossom and temperatures begin to rise? Of course, these are not the only attractions for these trips, many others meander by lakes, woodlands, small quaint towns, and even museums and historic mansions. From the deserts to the mountains, here are some road trips in the USA that are sure to spark a wonderful spring awakening. Some are off the beaten path, while others are well-known destinations. And best of all, these routes make for awe-inspiring drives, so that you can get out and explore their beauty whenever your mood strikes.

1. Michigan’s Gold Coast
This is America’s most surprising beach getaway- seemingly countless stretches of orchards, beach dunes, wineries, and towns that embrace the water’s edge along the pink finger of what natives call, “the mitten”. Take off this spring season, when the lake’s waters and weather are warmest. You will cruise almost 550 miles north from New Buffalo, all the way up till Mackinac island, which is embraced by huge flowering gardens in this season. Along the way you can halt at roadside farm stands to clamber around lake-shore, and to snap some pictures of the windmills and the tulip fields of Holland.

beautiful gold coast road trip in Michigan

2. Four Corners Cruise

Yes, Las Vegas isn’t for nightclubbers and gamblers anymore! It is your all new adventure road trip for exploring the ravine country along with its iconic deserts this spring season. You can spy on the ridges of Monument valley, then trek down to the river Colorado, and wander around the fascinating towns like Williams and Flagstaff. On your way, taste some good life in New Mexico and Santa Fe, filled with flavorful restaurants, art galleries and blooming flowers. And, if these aren’t enough reasons to make this road trip, then consider this- where else can you stand in all four states at once- New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Colorado? Wondering how? Well, it will take about 11 days to make an 1800 mile circle by car from Las Vegas, which would otherwise take a lifetime to understand and get to know this Four Corner’s region.

road trip in Arizona, Flagstaff

3. Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia And North California
This is one of the best road trips in the USA. It stretches 470 miles along Appalachian Mountains and also connects tow national parks -Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah. For an ultimate road trip experience, you must drive this entire length. Instead of motels and gas stations, it is bounded by hiking trails and picnic areas lined with tulip trees, red maples, and dogwood during the spring season. Other highlights include International Biosphere Reserve, Grandfather Mountain, and the winery and gardens of the giant Biltmore Estate. And to top it all, the breezy weather of the season is just perfect.

blue ridge parkway in Virginia

No matter which route you travel, and how many diversions you take, spring into some action this season, by road tripping through USA’s most breathtaking floral landscapes. So gear up, pack your bags, drive steady, and have the most ultimate experience!