Check out Puerto Rico: The “Five-Star” Island!

Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean’s gems that offers the best of all worlds. Firstly, it’s part of the US so you can be rest assured that they operate under US laws and thus adhere to certain considerations when it comes to infrastructure, safety, etc. This also means US citizens don’t even need a passport to pop down for a tropical escape in less than a few hours from the east coast.

Enjoying one of the oldest colonial histories in the new world, Puerto Rico is chock full of amazing sites, sounds and tastes to enjoy.

One thing people don’t often think about when heading to Puerto Rico is its amazing nature beyond the stunning beaches. Here are few awesome options to enjoy in the outdoors of Puerto Rico.


Biophosphorescence Bay

Located just outside of Esperanza, the Biophospherescence Bay of Puerto Rico is something you must experience. This designated wildlife preserve is claimed to have the highest concentration of phosphorescent dinoflagellates  in the entire world. You can rent a boat or kayak (no motors allowed) and as you paddle around at night, your paddles and even fish in the water stir up the small organisms that make the water glow, wow!


Puerto Rico has some of the longest and coolest ziplines in the entire world. Beach ziplines, moutain ziplines, canyon ziplines; you can find them all in Puerto Rico and enjoy the unique rain forest interior of the island at the same time.


Most people don’t consider the Caribbean as a surfing mecca, but believe it or not, the west coast of Puerto Rico in Rincon is famous for surfing and there are waves suitable for beginners all the way up to pros. There are many options for lessons and board rentals as well so don’t stress about bringing your own board if you don’t want the hassle.


Of course one of the largest draws for anyone to Puerto Rico are going to be the postcard-perfect beaches. The entire island has an amazing beach within minutes, so you definitely won’t feel depraved on the “5-star island” when it comes to a bit of sun worshipping.

As you can see, Puerto Rico is must more than just San Juan, it offers a wealth of awesome adventure and outdoors activities to take in. Add the 5-star island to your next travel itinerary! You won’t regret it…